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My assessments of Tim Donaghy’s claims

Given the early interviews I have entertained for Gaming the Game, it is apparent the issue of Tim Donaghy’s numerous and repeated claims made after his November 2009 release from prison will be discussed for some time.  In this regard, this page will serve as a repository for interested parties (especially those in the media) for “one-stop shopping” when it comes to how Donaghy’s claims stand up to scrutiny, particularly when assessed by federal law enforcement officials with direct knowledge of the investigation and prosecution, and how they compare to the actual, documented record (some of which is available online – see here, and here).


For my detailed, evidenced-based assessments of claims made by Donaghy in his book and during his related media appearances, please see the following:

Author’s Note

Claims contradicted by the official record

Claims for which there is no supporting evidence


For my assessments specifically of Donaghy’s media appearances (which help explain how the conventional wisdom about the scandal evolved over time, especially post-11/09), please see the following:

Part One

Part Two

On “the mob” and the NBA Betting Scandal


**2019-20 Updates**

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My evidence-based assessments of the Whistleblower podcast re Tim Donaghy and the NBA betting scandal

**2022-23 Updates**

My evidence-based critiques of “Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul” on Netflix re Tim Donaghy and the NBA betting scandal

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Patrick Bet-David Hypes Fake News: PBD’s Problematic 2019 Interview of Former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy


For related analysis and commentary re Tim Donaghy’s credibility please see here

[Note: the vid clips contained within the linked posts above may also be found on the “NBA Betting Scandal” YouTube channel, which allows for easier viewing and sharing.]