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Video: Tim Donaghy’s lies about how the 2003-07 NBA betting scandal ended are debunked with evidence

As I have documented many times over the last decade or so, Tim Donaghy has told numerous consequential demonstrable self-serving falsehoods, and the media has largely assisted him in his shrewd manipulation of history.  In an effort to provide the clearest, easiest illustration of how Donaghy has successfully duped much of the public and many in the media, I have produced this video debunking Donaghy’s absurd version of events re the end of the 2003-07 NBA betting scandal.

September 1, 2002 update: I made/posted this video before Netflix’s “Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul” was released.  My goodness.  As I have said on Twitter, if people don’t know the basics in this video re the ’06-07 portion of the ’03-07 scandal, they are uniformed at best and should question why they don’t know these basic facts.  Well, the “Untold” production team knew all that is in this video and much more counter to their preferred and fact-starved narrative and consciously chose to mislead their viewers.


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