Transcript of 60 Minutes Donaghy preview re: “The Mob”

For my purposes, at least, one of the key areas of interest in the upcoming 60 Minutes interview of former referee Tim Donaghy involves the assertion he was threatened in December 2006 by organized crime figures to provide them with his NBA picks (which he had been placing, according to him, since 2003).  Here is a transcript of the preview released by CBS yesterday:

CBS Correspondent Bob Simon: “‘The Mob’ found out about it [his successful betting on his NBA games], and wanted in on the action.  That’s when Donaghy discovered what it means to be really scared.  It started outside this hotel in Philadelphia.  The FBI says two men associated with the Gambino crime ‘family’ requested a meeting with Donaghy.  They took him for a ride.
Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy: They came down and picked me up.

Simon: They picked you up?
Donaghy: Mm hmm.

Simon: And what happened then?
Donaghy: They basically told me that I needed to give them the picks and if I didn’t, that, um, it’s a possibility that somebody would go down and visit my wife and kids in Florida.

Simon: Wow.  And you believed them?
Donaghy: Yes.

Simon.  [Were] you scared?
Donaghy: Sure.

See 1:25 of the vid clip:

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