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Tim Donaghy ‘regrets’ falling out with Scott Foster, wants to apologize, reconcile

By Jason Quick  (The Athletic) May 20, 2024

The two have not spoken since 2007, Donaghy said, when Donaghy knew he was about to be arrested and called Foster to tell him he couldn’t play in a golf tournament due to the investigation into Donaghy’s betting ties.

Donaghy was later sentenced to 15 months in prison.

In 2008, a report from former federal prosecutor Lawrence Pedowitz and his law firm on NBA officiating revealed that Foster and Donaghy exchanged 170 phone calls during the timeframe of Donaghy’s involvement with his co-conspirators.


“That’s how we communicated in 2007,” Foster told The Athletic. “Anytime somebody wants to discredit me, or question my integrity, they draw this conclusion from this 134-phone-call article … and it’s like, ‘That’s the proof!’ There is no proof. Because it didn’t happen.”

“Today, when people hear anybody called someone 134 times, it’s like ‘Wow! That’s weird.’ Because it is weird. I didn’t have text messaging in 2007. I had a Motorola Razor, which if you wanted to text ‘Yes’ in a text message it was 23 keystrokes or something crazy like that.”

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