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A quick general comment on Donaghy’s book

I could write at length about former referee Tim Donaghy’s myriad claims (those made explicitly in his book and those offered during his related media appearances) on a host of topics, and may return to this possibility later.  However, let me say this generally about his book, having read it too many times.  It is remarkable (perhaps “troubling” is more apt) how often he pretends to know the opinions, beliefs, or motives of other parties, ranging from prison officials to NBA officials to federal law enforcement officials to co-conspirators and their respective defense attorneys and so on.  He has no basis beyond supposition for so much of what he writes, and there are common threads to most of his assumptions: he inflates his importance or significance; and he ascribes ill motives and/or conspiracy theories to the parties being discussed.  Concerning the latter theme, it is almost never the case that the more simplistic, less sinister possible explanation is accepted much less promoted.

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