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Philly’s Black Mafia in the news (again)

Philadelphia-area media have been discussing what is believed to be the largest cocaine seizure in city history: more than 600 pounds of the product worth an estimated street value of $28 million. Two South Philadelphia men were arrested on April 2, 2008, including Ricardo McKendrick, Sr.

McKendrick, 56, as discussed in Black Brothers, Inc., was a Black Mafia member circa 1973, according to official law enforcement documents. In fact, McKendrick appeared in the infamous group photo taken in December 1973 at what was dubbed the “Black Mafia Ball” and included an amalgam of the syndicate’s heavyweights and other associates. He appears (#2) on p. 97 of BBI (2007).

Some of the media coverage of the April 2, 2008 arrests can be found here [Note: Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer links have been removed because they are deactivated within a week or so of an article’s publication.]:

Fox 29 (Philadelphia) – also see the embedded video

Metro (Philadelphia)

Metro follow-up


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