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Insightful Donaghy interview on 95.5 The Game

Another newsworthy appearance for former NBA referee Tim Donaghy.  He appeared on 95.5 The Game (Portland) on 5/10/10, where the hosts of the Morning Sports Page had the audacity to reference analysis and official records in their insightful interview.

Dozens of other sports radio hosts around the country are apparently not aware they are allowed to do a modicum of research and to ask follow-up questions.  Among other things, the MSP hosts properly pointed out that the FBI never “concluded” Donaghy didn’t fix games, and that there is no supporting evidence for his claim that he won 70% to 80% of his bets.  Donaghy, himself, says he can’t reproduce his betting propositions (sides, lines, outcomes), so how could the FBI “confirm” anything re: Donaghy’s betting success rate?  The FBI doesn’t even pretend to know how many games he bet much less what the propositions and their results were.

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