True Hoop’s Henry Abbott on Tim Donaghy and the NBA betting scandal

When Gaming the Game: The Story Behind the NBA Betting Scandal and the Gambler Who Made It Happen (Barricade) was published in 2011, there was no single media person or entity more significant re the book’s coverage than ESPN.com’s Henry Abbott (his comprehensive review of Gaming the Game can be found here).  Henry is among the most knowledgeable and respected people covering the NBA, and his True Hoop coverage has been followed seriously for years by many of his peers.

He appeared on the Noble & Roosh Show podcast recently, and briefly discussed Tim Donaghy and the 2003-07 NBA betting scandal (starts @ the 27:13 mark of the audio file below and continues through 29:47).  To anyone who has remotely followed the NBA betting scandal story, it should come as no surprise to hear Abbott state things like there is “strong evidence (Donaghy) fixed games” and “I’ve never encountered someone who lies as much as (Donaghy).  He’s soooooo full of crap.”

Of note, the situation Abbott describes @ 29:25 with then-NBA Commissioner David Stern’s reaction to Abbott’s question re Gaming the Game‘s findings can be found here.