Star mob witness is both disappointed and satisfied

by Jermey Roebuck, The Philadelphia Inquirer


The trial is over, but Louis “Bent Finger Lou” Monacello isn’t done talking.

In an interview Wednesday, the outspoken former mob associate and star government witness against reputed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph Ligambi and his nephew George Borgesi, said he was disappointed in the outcome of their racketeering retrial, which ended last week without a guilty verdict against either man.

But, Monacello said, he is not sorry for the role he played in it.

“I’m happy with the 30 months in jail I gave Ligambi and Borgesi for screwing me over, “he said, referring to the time both men spent behind bars in the run-up to their trial. “I did the right thing by the mob and got screwed.”

He added: “This couldn’t have worked out better. Not only do I never have to deal with these guys, I never have to take the witness stand again.”

Monacello, 47, emerged as one of the most colorful witnesses in the case against Ligambi, 74, and Borgesi, 50.

During days on the stand last year, he regaled jurors with tales of his time working for Borgesi, while Borgesi served out a federal prison term on a previous racketeering conviction.

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